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Web content and marketing materials expertly written with your buyer persona in mind

There’s a wealth of information out there about copywriting. Some of it good, some of it bad – the vast majority merely fades into the background. So how do you stand out from your competitors and make your website and marketing materials compelling? The trick is in finding the balance between communicating a professional and credible image without alienating your audience. And knowing how to use right keywords and LSIs for SEO purposes without producing clumsy, vapid, off-putting content that reads like it’s been written by a robot.

Many websites fail to deliver their message because they are too one-sided and commit the cardinal sin of forgetting what’s in it for the reader. OK, so your company has been selling auto parts since 1982… but what does that mean for your prospect? Typical and plentiful are the stuffy, business websites with copywriting that launchs into a monologue about targets, sales performances, growth, profit… one more wrong word and you’ve lost your prospect before you can say “million dollar contract.”

Behind each and every piece of information we divulge about your company, it’s fundamental to keep in mind how it translates into a benefit for your future client. If you’ve been operating for nearly 30 years this probably means you have the experience, efficiency, contacts and business model to get the job done faster and better than anyone else; saving your client time and money. That’s at least two reasons to buy! Now you’re talking. You need copywriting that thinks from the point of view of your customer. And I can deliver that to you.

You only have a few moments to keep your reader’s attention and you have to know how to use them wisely. Christina Comben Copy Writing will help you do just that. By taking the time to research thoroughly, I find out who you are and what makes the environment in which you operate unique, before going on to investigate who is reading your website. Who do you sell to? What motivates him or her? More importantly, how can we separate you from all the other hundreds or thousands of competing firms that are also trying to turn this prospect into a client? How can we make your copywriting count?

The key is remembering that the reader is a person and that you are talking to him or her on a one-on-one basis. Beyond communicating your corporate image and portraying a professional look and feel, it is crucial that your copy reads like a conversation between your company and the reader; or rather between one of your top salesmen and a potential decision maker. Writing a convincing website that increases your conversion rate and positively impacts on your image is our goal, pure and simple. This is not a financial report or balance statement; effective copywriting is about selling.

I offer web content, brochures, banners, and other company literature written in a succinct, readable and relevant style. To date, I have worked with a wide variety of clients from a range of differing industries, including staff augmentation, security companies, language schools, medical services firms, IT consultants and DoD providers. Providing intelligent copywriting that sells.