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Because Writing is a Powerful Weapon

And you wouldn’t leave a loaded gun in the hands of just anyone

What Are Your Goals?Goals

  • Drive More Traffic
  • Lower Your Bounce Rate
  • Improve Your SERP Ranking
  • Increase Client Conversion
  • Create Trust
  • Project a Strong Corporate Image
  • Become an Authority in Your Niche
  • Build Links & Alliances

All of the above and more? The great news is that kickass content can help you achieve all of them. The downside? Well, most people simply don’t have the time, inclination, or knowledge to create quality, engaging articles and webpages that hold their reader’s interest and spur them into action. You need Christina Comben Copywriting Services.

After all, you may know your business inside out, but can you explain that compellingly and succinctly to your customers? More importantly; do they even care? Or do they just want to buy their shoe insoles / car parts / groceries and move on with their day?

If inbound marketing is the new black, then content marketing is the Versace dress on the runway.


Christina Comben Copywriting Services

Many businesses make the mistake of launching into a one-sided diatribe of poorly written, long-winded and repetitious fluff about their company history, processes, or services. Others go the opposite way. I’m not sure what’s more frustrating; clicking on a page to be bored to death, or working my way around a site that shrouds their service in mystery and doesn’t leave me any the wiser about what they do.

Both of these tactics will result in a bounce rate higher than a trampoline at a children’s birthday party; and bounce rates not only mean that your potential customer is propelling his way towards the competition, but they also mean that Google is starting to notice and will adjust your ranking accordingly (lower it). Christina Comben Copywriting Services can help you figure all that out. Get higher ranked in search engines and get your name known in the industry.


Copywriting to Increase Your SERP

We live in an age where pandas and penguins are no longer just fluffy mammals or flightless birds living in the wild. These complex, anti-spam measures built into Google’s increasingly intelligent algorithm mean that sites looking to achieve optimum ranking and love from Google need to raise their game.

Content – quality, benefit-driven content – is key. A large proportion of your customers’ first interaction with your company will be through your website and you need to make a good impression. If you don’t come across as confident about what you do, how are you going to convince them?

You need engaging, researched content that resonates with your reader, speaks to your buyer persona’s inner wants and desires, and instructs them where to go and what to do through insightful, provocative CTAs. You need the right words (and amount of words) that will lead them through the sales funnel and make the onboarding process as easy as possible. You need Christina Comben Copywriting Services.


Engage Your CustomersKeep Your Customers Engaged

How do you stand out from your competitors and make your website and marketing materials compelling? The trick is in finding the balance between communicating a professional and credible image without alienating your audience. And knowing how to use right keywords and LSIs for SEO purposes without producing clumsy, vapid, off-putting content that reads like it’s been written by a robot.

If pandas and penguins and SERP and SEO give you a bit of a headache, then I’ve got more good news for you. I’m here to take the pain away. I produce the perfect balance of keyword density, optimized Meta Data and word count that’s like the prefect party outfit… Revealing without giving away too much away. Are you ready to achieve your goals?